A recap of some recent Irish Rugby changes

It has been a while since we last updated the site, but with the new season quickly upon us you will be hearing from us a bit more from now on!

If you are interested in writing articles for this site, maybe match reports or even a one-off Irish rugby traveling story then please get in touch. I would love to hear from any interested fans out there. andrew@irishrugby.co.uk

So what’s new?

Irish Rugby Jersey

In case you have not noticed Puma have replaced Canterbury for this seasons rugby kit. After a long partnership with Canterbury the powers above have decided its time for a fresh start.

I must say while I am a fan of Canterbury, I was not a fan of last seasons jersey. The new puma jersey is reminiscent of a classic Irish jersey sticking with a simple single block of colour for the design. Just have to get used to a new shade of green!

New Puma Irish Rugby Jersey

New Puma Irish Rugby Jersey

What are your views on the new kit?

Irish Rugby logo

Along with a new kit, the IRFU has decided to update the official Irish Rugby logo, or identity as they like to call it. The official announcement

Old v.s. New Irish Rugby Logo

Old v.s. New Irish Rugby Logo

gives all the details. Clearly this is inline with the new Puma kit. Like the new kit the logo has a retro feel and has simplified the look. Spot the differences below.

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