Heres to the Grand Slam & Ronan O’Gara

Straight from Limerick’s Corrigan Brothers a re-work of their first hit “Theres no one is Irish as Barack Obama”

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2 Responses to Heres to the Grand Slam & Ronan O’Gara

  1. Now I have to go and buy one of those stones with MY name on it.
    Come on the boys in Green!

  2. It shows that they have moved on from the past more than you. I don’t know any of my friends in Ireland who condiser reading an English book or paper as bowing down they would laugh at such a ridiculous notion! In fact if they read only Irish books/papers they would seem narrow,insular and stupid. Oh, and I notice you are writing in English? Perhaps you would like to show us all the way by only writing and communicating in Gaelic? It’s so sad this trying to keep up old hatreds-my grandmother was one of those people who actually DID suffer poverty in Ireland under english rule, and she worked in the houses of rich Englishmen (some of whom were not very nice) but she never held anything against the normal average English person.

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