Gillette Trick Stars

Gillette Trick StarsGillette have launched a new website dedicated to sporting tricks. The website is worth a visit just to see some of the amazing tricks people have submitted. You can visit the website at

Why not submit your own sporting tricks!

How to enter:
• Go to to upload your video. If your video was previously uploaded to, uploading again will not be necessary
• If you are not an existing user of YouTube, you will be required to complete the free registration by signing up under “Create Your YouTube Account” and following the directions.
• Once you are registered and logged into YouTube, click on the “Upload” link in the upper right corner of the webpage and follow the instructions to upload your Trickstar video.
• Upon completion of the upload, you should find two pieces of information that will be needed to proceed to Step 2 of the Contest entry process:
ii. Video URL
iii. Your YouTube clip name
• After uploading your Trickstar video on YouTube, proceed to the Trickstar 08 Contest Web Site ( to register your Trickstar video for the Contest.
• Once on the Web Site, click on the “Submit Your Trick ” link and enter all of the requested information. You will be asked to provide your contact information, the name of your Trickstar video, and the unique YouTube URL to your Trickstar video collectively.
• Complete the registration step by clicking the “Register Your Submission” button.

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