Ireland 34 -13 Scotland

Ireland v Scotland

A great win for Ireland and a stunning display of running rugby, something we haven’t seem for a while but hopefully a sign of things to come! Here are some internet quotes from Saturday’s game (read more and watch O’Gara’s stunning pass).

Eddie O’Sullivan

We were a lot more clinical today and that was pleasing. It wasn’t perfect but when you score five tries in a Six Nations match you have to be upbeat about it.

There had been speculation that Murphy’s Test career was all but over, but instead his performance has reignited the debate over who should wear the number 15 jersey.

Granted there is still work to be done, most notably at the line-out, but at times Ireland looked like the side who effortlessly accounted for South Africa and Australia in consecutive weeks in 2006.

BBC Sport

Scotland were dealt a hammer blow after their break when O’Gara’s diagonal kick was grasped with ridiculous ease by prop Horan – hovering on the right wing – who ran in unopposed for Ireland’s third try.

Bring on the Welsh!!

Watch O’Gara’s stunning pass!

3 Responses to Ireland 34 -13 Scotland

  1. It’s great to see Ireland play running rugby like this, a sign that confidence is high. We’ll need it in abundance for the next two matches!!

  2. itz gr8 to see ireland play like this but wee need to win the next two matches soo shoulder to shoulder win the triple crown! BEWARE WALES!!!

  3. A fantastic game – let’s hope we can build upon this momentum!

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