RWC Result: Ireland 14 – 10 Georgia

Ireland scraped together a win over Georgia in what became a dismal display for Ireland’s most capped team to ever play. In the final five minutes we were just hoping to win after a lack lusting Ireland faced an opposition who simple wanted the win more than us.
It was a surprise to see an Irish team who performed so badly against Namibia fail to come out all guns blazing and show the rugby world that the previous game was nothing but a mishap. However the blip on the radar has grown significantly and with it, Ireland’s problems. Ireland failed to gain the much needed bonus point by not running in four tries, this will make it even harder for us to qualify in what has now become the accurately named pool of death.

2 Responses to RWC Result: Ireland 14 – 10 Georgia

  1. O’Sullivan must go, he doesn’t have what it takes to get the best out of the players. What clowns decided to give him another contract before the World Cup began? Why hasn’t their been any media focus on this? Is it in case it upsets the players, deflects attention from the preparation for the tournament meaning the players might underperform?

    What do other Irish supporters think? Or for that matter supprters from any other nation.

  2. It is a mystery to me why the IRFU decided to extend his contract before the world cup. As for any media interest, I don’t think the press fear upsetting the team, what with all the recent O’Gara stories in the press. However it may be a good think to stir some aggression within the camp so the team can step it up on Friday.

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