RWC Result: France 25 – Ireland 3

France 25 - 3 Ireland

10 minutes into the game you would be forgiven for thinking that Ireland just might cause the biggest upset in Rugby World Cup history. Ireland started well and the team looked promising, they were certainly hitting the rucks harder than the previous two matches.

At only 3-0 down Ireland were very much in the game, but the attacking line struggled to challenge a very organised French defence. Key players such as Ronan had to play the best rugby of their lives to win, the result showed they didn’t.

Line-outs were poor and to many silly penalties were given away, with incidents like Wallace v.s Chabal the referee should not have the option of making a bad decision in the first place.

If this was a Six Nations match I think Ireland’s early performance may have had more of an effect however with a few wayward refereeing decisions and facing opponents who had no option but to win Ireland failed to stamp any authority on the game.

Ireland were always going to find it hard to beat France in their back yard especially under the circumstances, from the start many of us accounted for this possibility however no one accounted for the first two matches. If Ireland go out on Sunday night it will be the Namibia and Georgia matches that are to blame, those performances should have been the building blocks for what was to follow but instead sucked the confidence from an over complacent squad.

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  1. let bygons be bygons the world cup is every 4 years the boys wil get back on top

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