O’Sullivan in charge till 2012

Eddie O’SullivanEddie O’Sullivan has today signed a four year agreement which will extend his contract as the Irish coach until 2012.

It seems to be odd timing for the IRFU to extend the contract with the World Cup only weeks away. I’m sure this could have been done after the World Cup, that way the IRFU could decide whether Eddie is the right man to coach the 2011 world cup squad as well.

It’s a strong message by the IRFU, they are obviously happy with the job Eddie is doing. We can only hope that Eddie will deliver during this, the most important coaching period of his life.

Eddie O’Sullivan - 2009 Lions CoachEddie to coach the Lions in 2009?

It is also likely that Eddie will coach the Lions for their 2009 tour to South Africa. Kindly the IRFU has agreed to let Eddie take the position if he was offered it.

Should the Lions position come my way and I’m happy to take it, they’ll release me for the period necessary to do the Lions and I can come back (to the Ireland job) afterwards. That’s very generous of them.

We ask: Is Eddie the right man to coach to 2011 Rugby World Cup team? Leave a comment here

2 Responses to O’Sullivan in charge till 2012

  1. james tipping

    no i dont think eddie is the best person for the job. this is only going by the performance of ireland in the 2007 world cup which was very dissappointing and for ireland to struggle to beat nambia is a discrace in my eyes. ireland are a far more structured team and have yhe potential to do much more than they are at the minute

  2. eddei o’sullivan is the man that should be leading the ireland team to a 2011 world cup winners medal

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