O2 Irish Rugby Advert

O2 Irish Rugby JerseyO2 have a new Irish Rugby advert, I haven’t seen this on T.V yet but it looks great. The advert is 40 seconds long and features some familiar Irish rugby legends.

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  1. Hi andrew, its a fantastic advertisment, but i really like the song in it too, could you please e-mail me back and tell me either the name of the song or the band?? Tnks.

  2. You can see the making of the advert here http://www.o2.ie/rugby – you can also send messages to the Ireland Rugby team!

  3. could you please tell me the song

  4. Had a great laugh at the Josh Lewsey add.

  5. Hello,

    I have been trying to find out online who wrote music for this advert. I am a composer myself, and don’t feel the music used is from a band, but specifically written by composer for the ad campaign.
    If anyone can help me find out who the talented composer is, I’d appreciate it.

  6. Who is the number 11 in the ad?

  7. do u Know where to get the music for this ad or the haka

  8. whats the song!? =]

  9. No: 11 is Simon Geoghegan

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