Ireland still in third gear

Ireland 23 – 20 Italy

Ireland v Italy - Italian rugby logoIreland managed to grind out a win against Italy in Ravenhill this evening, with a flurry of tires in the last five minutes.
Clearly a three point win against Italy is not the perfect scenario going into the World Cup, however credit to Italy they are a physical team who made Ireland work very hard for the win.
Up front Ireland were once again struggling to gain command of the set pieces, this seems to be a recurring problem for Ireland as they lack the physical power at times to clear out opponents.

With a little over two weeks till Ireland’s first game of the World Cup, it’s now or never. Ireland are lucky not to be facing either France or Argentina in their first two games, hopefully Namibia and Georgia will give Ireland the extra time needed to move into first gear and complete their preparation for the big boys.

Have Ireland got enough time to move into first gear?

4 Responses to Ireland still in third gear

  1. Ireland being unpredictable is nothing unusual. Let’s hope they can find that next gear now!

  2. October 26, 2011Hi Adriana I think the best way to do this is go step by step first. We broke things up like that so you can get the hang of each step berofe attempting the whole dance.

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  4. Hi Ari thanks for lnkinig me the Irish battles. As you can tell by my sirname, such stories would appeal to my Celtic nature. I am happy to be your school counselor for your middle school years. Si hi to mom and Jorge for me. See you in school

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