Colossal disappointment over last minute loss

Croke Park

Possibly the best opportunity Ireland has had to take the grand slam has today passed in the dying minutes at Croke Park. An Historic match to be remembered for the immense atmosphere and crowd presence but unfortunately not the result.

Ireland were undoubtedly nervous due to the enormity of the event however after a shaky first twenty minutes the team settled and looked to catch up to France who had built an early lead.

I think most people including the French thought Ireland had managed to wrap the game up with O'Gara's late penalty kick however it wasn't late enough. The utter Disappointment was confined to that moment after the work Ireland had put in to gain a lead. As Eddie O'Sullivan put it, “The boys all put their bodies on the line for 80 minutes and when the win is snatched away from you at the death it is as cruel as you can get.”

It was a huge disappointment and a great opportunity missed, but we must move on and be proud of the boys for the outstanding effort they put in, the games continue to get bigger with the pinnacle match for Ireland in two weeks game against England at Croke Park, It could make or break Ireland's tournament.

Irish Loss

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